Ficus, Fig, and Rugose Spiral White Fly Treatment


Ficus Fig Whitefly:

Cause significant damage to hedge and ficus banyan trees. This species of whitefly is most active in later summer and early fall.


  • Foliar spray
  • Systemic root drenching
  • Liquid fertilization application
  • All above applications at a drench rate of (5) gallons per minute


Spiral Rugose Whitefly:

Damage to large variety of Palm trees and gumbo limbo trees, etc. This specie is large in size than congregate on the underside of Palm fronds and leaves laying eggs in a spiral pattern. They create a black sooty mold, causing decline, defoliation, and died back. This black sooty mold will not only affect the plant material under your palm trees, but your driveway and vehicles as well.

Certified for Invasive Whitefly Pests of Florida UF University of FLORIDA IFAS.

Service plus pest control is in contact with our local IFAS extension agent with regard to updated research for other applications and new preventative maintenance protocols.


  • Extensive systemic root drenching
  • Wetting agent and surfactant
  • Liquid fertilization application
  • A total minor nutrient package
  • All above application at a drench rate of (5) gallons per minute

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