Flea Control

Fleas feed on warm-blooded hosts in order to survive and reproduce! Fleas are most commonly found on dogs and cats, therefore being the most significant to humans and frequently become household pests.


Rodent Fleas:

Rodents have transmitted disease to humans, going to back the plague. Modern-day sanitation, pest management, and antibiotics have airborne diseases in check! *Scientists now highlight IPM efforts, such as rodent proofing and rodent bait station monitoring to drastically reduce the rodent population! Treatments must be performed in conjunction with the various stages and life-cycle of the flea!multicat-FleaLifeCycle

When you have a flea problem it’s complicated!! “It’s not something that can be treated by consumers, with chemicals purchased at the big hardware stores, or topical chemicals from the vet”! So it’s time to seek a professional pest management company. “Look no further, call Service Plus Pest Control”!

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