Lawn Care

Service plus pest control’s lawn and ornamental care

Programs specifically designed for South Florida Landscape!!

We provide a wide range of lawn and ornamental care, preventing harmful insects, disease and invasive weeds, from really damaging your landscape. Service plus pest control will professionally maintain, your landscape “meaning a lush green lawn, ornamental plant material that looks vibrant, healthy and at the same time add a little extra curb appeal to your home”!!

Our services include the following:

Lawn and ornamental insect and disease control:          

South Florida turf is susceptible to a host of harmful destructive weeds, insects and disease. Here are just a few!                                      


Cinch bugs, spittle bugs, Bill bugs, Army worms, white grubs, mole crickets, fire ants etc.


Brown patch, Dollar spot, root rot, Gray leaf spot and Fungus causing irregular shapes, Brown patches and discolored areas in your lawn. South Florida ornamentals, shrubs, plants and trees are susceptible to the following: Aphids, spider mites, scale, sooty mold, Beatles, caterpillars, grasshoppers whitefly etc. These insects could eventually lead to the demise of your landscape!!! This proactive program is formulated specifically to prevent all the above before it happens!!!

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