The Initial Service

Our Initial Service is designed to prepare your home for pest control, and effectively eliminate pests from your families living space. (This treatment is essential for newly constructed homes). Service includes both interior and exterior treatments.

For the interior:

We apply pinpoint residual applications treating cracks crevices under sinks behind appliances, plumbing voids etc. also treating your garage. The Attic will also be treated using a protein based granule bait which will eradicate any pests harboring in or underneath your attic insulation.

For the exterior:

We establish a protective barrier around the exterior of your home using residual insecticides concentrating, on the outer windowsill and doorframes. A barrier bait application will also be applied around the entire perimeter of your home eliminating pests before they gain entry. (If any pests makes it through the barrier it won’t live long enough to reproduce). “Preventing any future infestations”

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