Mosquito Abatement Program

Our mosquito season which typically lasts six months April through September, occasionally seven with October Depending on conditions such as rain and humidity for that particular year!
But as of late! With new strains originating outside the United states, it’s very possible that our mosquito season may need to be extended!

#1 DEGUE CHIKUNGUNYA VIRUS caused by two domestic species, troubling because they are (aggressive daytime biters)!
#3 The latest is the ZIKA VIRUS which arrived this FEBUARY causing birth defects, and spreads through sexual activity!

This service includes the following:

A total fogging of your backyard with EPA approved chemicals and growth regulators.

Includes all plant material as well as mosquito nesting areas. Our mosquito abatement treatment has a 30 day residual with approximately 75% to 80% mosquito reduction. Service applied monthly throughout the mosquito season which usually lasts about six months April through September possibly seven depending on conditions such as rain and humidity for that particular year. Our seasonal program has approximately 85% to 90% mosquito reduction.

Planning a party for the Spring or Summer and need 85% to 90% Mosquito reduction? Give us a call at least 3 days in advance and we can take care of it for you!

We’d be happy to schedule a “Free Quote” and go over our protocol options at a time convenient for you.
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