Tick Control

Bloodsucking parasites capable of transmitting a wide variety of disease to mammals, birds, and reptiles! In addition ticks are vectors of serious disease transmitted to humans and domestic animals. In fact, in temperate tropical parts of the country, ticks surpass all other arthropods in the number and variety of diseases which they can transmit to humans, running a very close second to mosquitoes!! Pest management professionals must be able to do more than just identify these pests! The biology, life-cycle, and the cycle of the pathogens in animals they use as hosts, must also be understood.


When you have a tick problem it’s complicated! “It’s not something that can be treated by consumers, with chemicals purchased at the big hardware stores, or topical chemicals from the vet”! So it’s time to seek a professional pest management company. “Look no further, call Service Plus Pest Control”!

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